Towards Night's Darkness by Robert Taylor

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Robert Taylor's tribute to Bomber Command signed by Group Captain James Tait. Of the 125,000 men that served with Bomber Command more than 55,000 were killed, a shocking statistic only matched by German U-Boat crews. The Command flew throughout WW2 and endured grave losses, dreadful conditions and constant threat of death. They played a pivotal role in the ultimate victory - but it was gained at a terrible price - on one raid alone against Nuremberg in March 1944 543 aircrew were killed - more than Fighter Command lost during the entire Battle of Britain.

To take off - night after night - into the highly dangerous skies of occupied Europe took tremendous courage and it is no surprise to learn that Bomber Command aircrew won 23 Victoria Crosses during WW2.

In tribute Robert depicts a group of Lancasters from 576 Squadron beginning to formate as the setting sun casts a golden glow. The lead aircraft UL-I (LM227) was one of only a handful of Lancasters to complete 100 operational sorties.

This is the 'Collectors Edition' which has been Signed by Artist Robert Taylor and TEN Famous Bomber Command aircrew:-

Group Captain James TAIT - 617 Squadron (Tirpitz raid)

Squadron Leader George 'Johnny' JOHNSON - 617 Squadron (Dambuster Raid)

Air Commodore John LANGSTON - 630 & 617 Squadrons

Warrant Officer Harry IRONS - 158 Squadron

Squadron Leader Tony IVESON - 617 Squadron

Flight Sgt Jim McGILLIVRAY - 115 Squadron

Warrant Officer Frank TILLEY - 617 Squadron

Warrant Officer James COPUS - 97 Squadron

Flight Sgt Stan BRADFORD - 57 Squadron (Upper Gunner 6 victories)

The Print measures 24.5 x 19 Inches and comes with the CoA.