To Sink The Bismarck by Gerald Coulson

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The story of the sinking of the Bismarck is one of the most enduring naval actions of WW2. Ironically it was the actions of a few obsolete biplanes that sealed the Bismarck's fate. The Home Fleet were in pursuit of the great German warship but found themselves being outrun by the Battleship.

At 7.15pm on the 25th May 1941 HMS Ark Royal launched it's flight of Fairey Swordfish torpedo planes in a desperate attempt to intercept Bismarck and inflict vital damage. Swordfish from 810, 818 and 820 Squadrons flew off into the dreadful weather conditions that prevailed that day and amazingly found their target. One torpedo hit the Bismarck's rudder and jammed it so that the mighty ship could only steam in circles, allowed the Royal Navy's pursuit ships to finally catch her. Bismarck was sunk shortly after.

Capturing the scene, Gerald Coulson shows the Swordfish climbing away from Ark Royal on that fateful mission.

The Print is Signed by Gerald Coulson and measures 28x23 Inches. It has the stamp of the publisher, Solomon and Whitehead in the border.

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