The Three Hundred Club - Multi-Signed REMARQUE - SOLD

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Paying tribute to the only two pilots ever to have achieved over 300 victories in aerial combat - Erich Hartmann and Gerd Barkhorn - Nicolas Trudgian produced this superb release back in 2003.

Both members of the "300 Club" were part of JG52 the most successful Fighter Wing of World War 2. Flying on the harsh Eastern front they encountered almost every type of fighter, including Spitfires, Hurricanes and the newer soviet types such as the Yak 3.

In a scene from November 1944 over a bleak icy snowscape, a German armoured column has come under attack from Soviet aircraft near frozen Lake Balaton in Hungary. Responding to this crisis Luftwaffe fighters from JG52 have arrived on the scene and Hartmann and Barkhorn are among them. They immediately engage the Soviet fighters - La7's - and one has already been hit by Hartmann's Bf109G.

A fantastic scene paying tribute to the Three Hundred Club.

This is a VERY RARE Presentation Remarque which has been signed by the THREE original signatories AND seven additional Luftwaffe fighter pilots:-

Generalleutnant Gunther RALL - JG52 - 275 Victories

Oberleutnant Walter WOLFRUM - JG52 - 137 Victories

Oberleutnant Kurt SCHADE - JG52 - 27 Victories

Leutnant Hugo BROCH - JG54 - 81 Victories

Major Hans-ekkehard BOB - JG51/JG54 - 60 Victories

Unteroffizier Gustav DREES - JG54 - 4 Victories

Leutnant Heribert KOLLER - JG54 - 49 Victories

Unteroffizier Gunther KOLB - JG5 'Eismeer'

Oberleutnant Ernst SCHEUFELE - JG5 'Eismeer' - 18 Victories

Leutnant Alfred AMBS - JG7 - 7 Victories - all in the Me262

The Print measures 37 x 23 Inches and is in excellent mint condition.