Theodore Weissenberger - Wartime Signed Hoffmann Card SOLD

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Weissenberger joined JG77 in 1941 flying the Me110C heavy destroyer and scored his first victories with the type. In 1942 his Staffel was absorbed into JG5, still flying the Me110. In September 1942 he transferred to 6th Staffel JG5 and converted to the Me109 flying against Russian flown Hurricanes near Murmansk.

He was awarded the Knights Cross in November 1942 when his score stood at 38. He continued his run of success and the Oak Leaves were awarded for his 112th victory.

Weissenberger was promoted to Hauptmann on 1st June 1944 and his Unit was moved to France to combat the Normandy landings. On 7th June Weissenberger claimed five allied fighters (all P-47's) and followed this with more victories over Allied fighters in the weeks that followed. By July his 200th victory had been attained.

In October 1944 Weissenberger was given command of I/JG7 flying the Me262 jet. In the chaotic months that followed, Weissenberger shot down 8 allied aircraft with the Me262 (seven B-17's and a single P-51 Mustang). He finished the war with a total of 208 Victories.

After the war Weissenberger became a racing car driver. On 11 June 1950 while driving a BMW 328 at the Nurburgring he crashed and was killed.

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