The Straggler by Frank Wootton

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THE STRAGGLER By Frank Wootton

Released back in 1991 this Classic print features two of the most famous fighter leaders of the Second World War - Johnnie Johnson and Adolf Galland.

Johnnie Johnson was the RAF's highest scoring 'Ace' with 38 Victories and flew the legendary Spitfire from the Battle of Britain until wars' end.

Adolf Galland served in the 'Condor Legion' in Spain before seeing service in Poland (flying the Hs123 biplane!) He then transferred to fighters and flew the Me109 in France and the Battle of Britain. He ended the war flying the Me262 jet with JV44. He is credited with 104 Victories.

Frank Wootton depicts Johnson's Spitfire and Gallands 109 warily circle a damaged US B-17 bomber.

The Print is Signed by BOTH:-

Air Vice-Marshal James 'Johnnie' JOHNSON

Generalleutnant Adolf GALLAND

The Print measures 30 x 23 Inches and comes with the CoA