The Battle of Kursk SOLD


One of Nick's most sought after releases, 'The Battle of Kursk' was released back in 1998 and it depicts a scene on the Southern part of the Kursk 'bulge'. Tiger tanks of 1st SS Panzer Division 'LAH' engage Soviet T-34 tanks at point blank range. The sky above is full of aircraft as the Luftwaffe and VVS battle for control of the air - Ju87G tankbusters of the legendary Hans-Ulrich Rudel take a toll of Russian armour but are now under attack by Soviet Yak9 fighters. Fw190 fighters have also now entered the fray. A classic image of the worlds largest Tank battle.

This is a Special Multi-Signed Copy Signed by the following veterans of BOTH sides:

Gunther RALL - JG52

Heinz MEYER - SG2

Josef WERTH - SG2

Fritz-Rudolf SCHULTZ - Panzer Rgt 35

Hans-ekkehard BOB - JG51

Walter WOLFRUM - JG52

Manfred LEISEBEIN - JG52


Gunther KOLB - JG5

Walter SCHUCK - JG5


Alfred AMBS - JG7

Hugo BROCH - JG54

Major General Sergei KRAMARENKO - Soviet VVS

Captain Vitaliy KLIMENKO - Soviet VVS

Lt. General Stepan MIKOYAN - Soviet VVS

Lt. General Vitaliy RYBALKO - Soviet VVS

A fantastic and RARE Example!