Target London by Nicolas Trudgian SOLD



One of the most detailed and breath-taking images Nick has ever produced, 'Target London' depicts the second raid of the day on London, 15th September 1940. The Heinkel 111's of KG53, who have just dropped their bombs on the docks, now come under attack from Spitfires and Hurricanes over the heart of London and the Me109E escorts try desperately to deflect these attacks. Below, the Pool of London and those two historic landmarks - The Tower of London & Tower Bridge - are painted in fantastic detail, as the river Thames winds it's way eastwards to the Estuary. A simply wonderful panorama of London at war.

This is a Presentation Copy Signed by TWELVE veterans from both the Luftwaffe and RAF:

Gerhard KREMS - KG27 [Heinkel 111]

Ken WILLIAMSON - 616 Squadron [Spitfire]

Hajo HERRMANN - KG4 & KG30 [Junkers 88]

Nigel ROSE - 602 Squadron [Spitfire]

Kurt DAHLMANN - KG30 [Junkers 88]

Tony IVESON - 616 Squadron [Spitfire]

Erich RUDORFFER - JG2 - [Me109E]

Geoffrey WELLUM - 92 Squadron [Spitfire]

Hans-ekkehard BOB - JG54 [Me109E]

Terence KANE - 234 Squadron [Spitfire]

Otto SCHULTZ - JG51 [Me109E]

Terry CLARK - 219 Squadron [Blenheim]

The Print measures 36 x 25 Inches