SE5a of Gwilym Lewis RFC - Original Pencil Drawing by Nicolas Trudgian


SE5a 'THE ARTFUL DODGER' of Gwilym Lewis RFC - Original Pencil Drawing

A very rare opportunity to acquire an original drawing signed by a WW1 RFC/RAF Ace! Gwilym Lewis was one of the founding members of 32 Squadron Royal Flying Corps and in July 1916 helped to destroy a Fokker Eindecker for his first victory.

He then joined 40 Squadron flying the SE5a scout and met with more success. His very quiet personality earned him the nickname "Noisy" from non other than Mick Mannock!

Lewis finished the War with 12 Victories. 

Nicolas Trudgian has drawn Lewis in his SE5 'The Artful Dodger' that he flew with 40 Squadron in 1918.

The Drawing has been signed by the Artist Nicolas Trudgian and:

Wing Commander Gwilym Hugh LEWIS - RFC/RAF

The Drawing is Framed and measures 21 x 16.5 Inches.

A rare chance to own a drawing signed by a World War ONE Ace.

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