Ruhr Valley Raiders by Robert Bailey

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The 91st BG 'The Tagged Irregulars' of Bassingbourne were in the thick of the 8th Air Force campaign to attack Germany's industrial base. Targets such as Hamm, Bremen and Schweinfurt were heavily defended but the 91st BG returned regardless adn received credit for shooting down more enemy aircraft than any other Bomb Group in the 'Mighty Eighth'. They also suffered the highest lost rate, only 12% of the original crews survived the war.

In tribute to the 'Ragged Irregulars' Robert Bailey depicts a Mission over Germany in early 1944 as the B-17G's of the 91st Bomb Group come under attack by Luftwaffe Me109G's equipped with additional cannon for destroying Bombers. It will be another tough Mission!

The Print is Signed by Robert Bailey and SIX veterans of the 91st Bomb Group:-

1st Lt. Paul CHRYST - Bombardier 91st BG

1st Lt. Donald Scott MURRAY - Bombardier 91st BG (B-17F Miss Minookie)

1st Lt. Harold W. LASCH - Navigator 91st BG (B-17G Easy Does it)

1st Lt. Ralph DANEKAS - Pilot 91st BG - (B-17G Peacemaker)

1st Lt. John HOWLAND - Navigator 91st BG

Lt. Herbert EGENDER - Bombardier 91st BG

The Print measures 33.5 x 22 Inches and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

This Print is a Limited Edition of only 50 Prints