Robert Taylor - Early Print Editions

In around 1980 the Military Gallery started publishing a number of Prints by Robert Taylor as 'Open Editions' that were signed by famous pilots and wartime veterans. These proved extremely popular - so much so that the publishers then re-published them as Limited Editions of 1500 Prints. These early Robert Taylor prints were obviously printed with the technology of the time and were basic when compared to his later Editions. Both the paper and the inks used were not as resilient or long lasting as the later Editions.

Additionally, these first Editions were not really seen as 'collectables' with a long-term value - they were bought at the time for decorative purposes and, indeed, could be purchased from the Military Gallery at the time Mounted, Block-mounted or Framed as standard. These Editions were, therefore, for immediate display and enjoyment. Given the materials and the lack of any kind of preservation forethought, thousands of these prints have suffered from the vagaries of time. Many were displayed in direct sun-light and have faded badly, others were framed very crudely and this has left the prints with the inevitable creases, marks and damage.

Very few of these prints now survive in anywhere near the Mint Condition they were issued all those years ago.  With Robert Taylor there were TWO main issues:-

1. The Original 'Open Edition' - signed by a veteran (These were NOT signed by Artist Robert Taylor - they were NOT numbered - they were NOT issued with a Certificate of Authenticity)

2. The 'Limited Edition' - Signed by a veteran - also Signed and Numbered by Artist Robert Taylor - Edition Size 1500

It is now over 35 Years since these Prints were published and Copies in Near Mint or Excellent unfaded Condition are now very RARE. On this page I will be listing some of Robert Taylor's very earliest published prints from the Military Gallery. 

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