No Turning Back - The Bomber Command Edition

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NO TURNING BACK - The Bomber Command Edition

On the night of November 3rd 1943, Flight Lt Bill Reid took his No61 Squadron Lancaster off to join a force detailed to attack Dusseldorf, deep in the heart of Germany. Right after crossing the coast of Holland, they were attacked by an Me110 night fighter, it's gunfire shattering the Lancaster's windscreen and damaging the elevator, making the aircraft difficult to handle. Though wounded in the head, shoulders and hands, after ascertaining that his crew were unscathed, mentioning nothing about his injuries, Bill Reid continued towards the target, still over an hour ahead of him.

Closer to the target his Lancaster was again attacked, this time by a Focke Wulf 190, which raked his bomber from stem to stern. His Navigator was killed, his wireless operator fatally injured and Bill was agian wounded in the attack. Though communications within the aircraft were severed, heating had failed, and only the rear turret remained operative, Bill Reid flew his bucking Lancaster steadily on towards Dusseldorf. Having memorised his course he brought the bomber right over the target with such accuracy the bomb-aimer knew nothing of his Captain's injuries or casualties to his comrades. Photographs confirmed the bombs were released right on target.

Growing weak from loss of blood and lapsing into periods of unconciousness, with the aid of the flight engineer and bomb aimer, Bill steered the Lancxaster towards home navigating by the Pole Star and moon. Despite the intense cold, they survived a barrage of AA Fire as they passed over the Dutch coast. As they approached England the Captain was revived, took control and landed safely, even though the runway lights were partially obscured by mist, one leg of the damaged undercarriage collapsing as the weight came on. For his tenacity and devotion to duty Bill Reid was awarded the Victoria Cross.

Robert shows Bill Reid's second encounter that night as the Fw190 flashes past the port side of the mighty Lancaster.

This 'Bomber Command Edition' is Signed by TWELVE veterans of Bomber Command including Bill Reid VC:-

Flight Lt Bill REID VC - 61 and 617 Squadrons

Air Commodore Wilf BURNETT - 49 & 408 (goose) Squadron

Air Marshall Sir Ivor BROOM - 571 & 163 Squadrons

Flight Sgt Stan BRADFORD - 57 Squadron

Group Captain Dudley BURNSIDE - 195 Squadron

Squadron Leader Lawrence CURTIS - 617 Squadron

Flight Lt. Robert KNIGHTS - 617 Squadron

Group Captain William FARQUHARSON - 195 Squadron

Flight Lt. Douglas NEWHAM - 10 Squadron

Flight Lt. Kenneth WOLSTENHOLME - 107 Squadron and 8 Group PFF

Flight Lt. Dennis WOOLLEY - 83 Squadron

The Print measures 32x24 Inches

The Edition comes with the Companion Print "CROSSING THE COAST" which measures 17.5 x 12 Inches

I have one copy in Mint Condition with CoA and Brochure.