Morning Chorus by Gerald Coulson - Hartmann Tribute Edition

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MORNING CHORUS - Hartmann Tribute Edition

Having led I/JG3 through the battles of France and Britain, by the Summer of 1941 Gunther Lutzow was Kommodore of JG3 contesting the great air battles of the Western front. He was soon in Russia however where, after two long years, his personal tally stood at 107 victories. He is most famous for confronting Hermann Goring during the so-called 'mutiny of the fighter pilots' and attempting to forcefully raise the matter of his incompetence and of Galland's dismissal. Goring stormed out threatening to have everyone shot - Lutzow was only saved by his record but was banished to Italy.

Lutzow managed to get back into action one last time when he was allowed to join Gallnd's famed JV44 in April 1945 flying the Me262 jet. On 24th April 1945 Lutzow engaged B-26 Marauders and their P-47 escorts. He never returned from this mission and remains missing to this day.

Gerald Coulson depicts Lutzow scrambling in December 1941, his Me109F still carrying the JG51 emblem of his short stay with that Unit.

The Print is Signed by Artist Gerald Coulson and FOUR rare veterans of the Eastern Front:-

Feldwebel Johannes BACHMANN - JG52 - 5 Victories

Fahnrich Manfred LEISEBEIN - JG52 - 5 Victories

Unteroffizier Otfried SAHL - JG52

Fahnrich KLaus VOLLGOLD - JG52 - 3 Victories

The main print measures an impressive 39 x 24 Inches

The Hartmann Tribute Edition comes with a Companion print 'HARTMANN' which depicts Erich Hartmann's Bf109K-4 with 9./JG52 at Deutsch Brod, Czechoslavakia in the final days of the war.

The Print comes Double Matted to conservation standards and includes the original pencil signature of Erich Hartmann. The Overall size of the matted print is 16.5 x 15.5 Inches.

This is now a very rare Edition.