Lancaster Under Attack & Air Combat Paintings Volume 4 by Robert Taylor SOLD

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LANCASTER UNDER ATTACK & Matching numbered Air Combat Paintings VOLUME IV

Released back in 2000, the fourth Volume of Robert Taylor's 'Air Combat Paintings' was eagerly received by collectors. As usual, there was a collectors edition which featured a Limited Edition Print release to go with the Book.

One of Robert's best 'night' images, 'Lancaster Under Attack' features protagonists from one of the longest campaigns of the war - the Bomber Offensive. Initially in daylight, Bomber Command struck back at Germany but, after heavy losses, switched to night raids. This forced the Luftwaffe to set up dedicated Night fighter Units to counter the threat. And so began one of the longest - and costliest - campaigns of WW2. The technological race was no less important, with both sides pushing for supermacy. Robert has portrayed a scene that happened many times over the years in the night sky over Europe involving two of the stalwart aircraft from the opposing Air Forces. A Lancaster of 626 Squadron has been singled out by a Messerschmitt Bf110G-4 nightfighter high over Osterfeld in December 1944. The duel is far from concluded and the result is still in the balance.

The Print is Signed by Artist Robert Taylor and TWO of the most Distinguished veterans from either Side:-

Flight Lt. Bill REID VC

Major Martin DREWES KC & OL

The Print measures 33 x 24.5 Inches

The Edition also comes with a MATCHING NUMBERED FIRST EDITION COPY of Robert's 'Air Combat Paintings - Volume IV', which comes in it's own Blue cloth bound and Gold embossed slipcase.

This Edition is now SECONDARY MARKET ONLY and examples are rare.