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JET HUNTERS - Pilots Edition

As the war in Europe entered its final phase what remained of the Luftwaffe was mercilessly pounded from the air, their airfields attacked but, despite their dire situation, the Luftwaffe fought on and pivotal to this unequal struggle was the introduction and use of the Me262 jet. The Me262 was the worlds first turbojet fighter to enter service but it suffered from poor manufacturing, lack of fuel and experienced pilots. It however, had already demonstarted that it was a formidable foe that had to be taken seriously.

On 10th April 1945 the US Airforces launched an all out attack on the jets - 1300 bombers attacked their airfields and they were accompanied by a blizzard of escort fighters. The Me262's, however, were airborne and , as the bomber stream turned West, the jets pounced cannons blazing. The P-51 escorts immediately reacted to protect their charges.

Robert Taylor has depicted the scene as several Me262's have already made firing passes through the combat box of B-17's but now escorting P-51D's of the 356th Fighter Group have intercepted the enemy.The hunter becomes the hunted as Wayne Gatlin skillfully positions himself behind a Me262 ready for the kill, one of a score of jets downed this day by the 8th.

The Pilots Edition is Signed by SEVEN Fighter Pilots who scored victories over the Me262 and FIVE Luftwaffe pilots who flew the Me262 and have signed the companion Print "Black November Day":-

Jet Hunters

Major General Wayne GATLIN - 356th FG - shot down Me262 10th April 1945

Squadron Leader Jurek MENCEL - 309 Squadron - shot down Me262 9th April 1945

Colonel Joe PETERBURS - 20th FG - shot down the Me262 of Ace Walter Schuck on 10th April 1945

Captain Wayne COLEMAN - 78thFG - shot down Me262 31st march 1945

Lt Colonel Huie LAMB - 78th FG - shot down Me262 in october 1944

Lt Colonel Don CUMMINGS - 55th FG - shot down TWO Me262's 9th February 1945

Colonel Art JEFFREY - 479th FG - shot down an Me163 on29th July 1944

COMPANION PRINT - 'Black November Day'

Major Erich Rudorffer - JG7 - scored 12 Victories with the Me262

Oberleutnant Walter SCHUCK - JG7 - scored 8 victories with the Me262

Major Hans-ekkehard BOB - EJG/2, JV44

Leutnant Norbert HANNIG - JG7

Feldwebel Ernest GIEFING - JG7

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