Imperial Sacrifice by Robert Bailey

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In April 1945 one of the bloodiest battles was taking place on the island of Okinawa. US forces had landed but the Japanese defended with fanatical bravery. Throwing everything at the Americans, including swarms of the 'Kamikaze', the desperate defenders resorted to desperate measures.

The Yamato Task Group was ordered, without air cover, to proceed to Okinawa and engage US Forces. The giant Battleship 'Yamato' plus her screen of destroyers and a heavy cruiser were tracked through the Bungo strait. Just after noon on April 7th 1945 more than 380 US aircraft attacked the Japanese Task Force resulting in a 3 hour onslaight that decimated the Japanese. The Yamato was sunk, along with the heavy cruiser Yahagi and four of the destroyers - over 4000 men were lost.

Robert Bailey depicts the F4U Corsairs of VBF-10 just after making their attack run on the Yamato.

The Print is Signed by Robert Bailey and a veteran of the action:-

Lt. Hal JACKSON - Pilot VBF-10

The Print measures 32.5 x 23 Inches