Helmut WICK Wartime Signed Rohr Card

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MAJOR HELMUT WICK Knights Cross With Oak Leaves - Wartime Signed Rohr Card

One of the most famous Luftwaffe personalties of the Battle of Britain, Helmut Wick initially flew with JG53 under Molders before joining JG2 'Richthofen' just prior to the outbreak of WW2. He scored his first victory in November 1939 when he downed a French Hawk 75 (flown by a French Ace!). He scored 12 victories during the Battle for France.

He was to have continued success during the Battle of Britain - he was awarded the Knights Cross in August 1940 after 22 victories. In September he was promoted to StaKa 6./JG2 and then Gruppenkommanduer of I/JG2. He continued to score against his RAF adversaries - on 5th October he downed five RAF fighters near the Isle of Wight (all Hurricanes) and was awarded the Oak Leaves and a promotion to Major.

Wick continued to find success and on 20th October 1940 he was appointed Kommodore of JG2. On 28th November he shot down a Spitfire for his 55th victory and took off later in the day to add to his score. He encountered Spitfires of 609 Squadron and shot down the aircraft of PO Baillon for his last victory. As he pulled away his Me109E crossed the sights of Spitfire 'Ace' John Dundas, who fired a long burst which hit Wick's 109. Dundas was immediately attacked and shot down by Wick's Wingman Rudi Pflanz, who then observed Wick bail out of his stricken Messerschmitt over the Channel near the Isle of Wight. Despite circling the area (and sending out a message that a Spitfire! was down) Pflanz had to leave the area and barely made it back to France.

Helmut Wick was never found. He scored a total of 56 Victories

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