Heinrich EHRLER Wartime Signed Hoffmann Card

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Ehrler began his wartime career in Norway with JG77 flying sorties in early 1940. He scored his first victory - an RAF Blenheim - in May 1940. On 1st February 1941 his Unit was redesignated 4./JG5 and began operating from Finland as well as Norwegian bases. 

Between January and September 1942 Ehrler shot down 54 aircraft, earning him the Knights Cross shortly after.By June 1943 he scored his 100th Victory and was awarded the Oak Leaves and in August 1944 he was promoted to Kommodore of JG5 'Eismeer'. It was at this juncture that Ehrler's star began to wane. On 12th November 1944 the Lancasters of 617 and 9 squadrons attacked and sank the mighty 'Tirpitz' with heavy loss of life. Despite scrambling his fighters they failed to make contact and Erhler was blamed for the entire disaster and even accused of hunting for his 200th victory rather than concentrating on defending the Tirpitz. Although found guilty he was later exonerated when evidence emerged that the scrambling fighters had been given conflicting reports about the location of the incoming bombers.

Ehrler joined JG7 in February 1945 flying the Me262. He scored a number of victories but his comrades stated that he was now a dejected and defeated figure. On 4th April 1945 Ehrler shot down two B-24's then ran out of ammunition. He then lined up on a third B-24 of the 448th BG 'Trouble in Mind' and his last radio message came "Theo [Weissenberger], no more ammunition, i'm going to ram this one, see you in valhalla". The resulting explosion destroyed both planes.

Ehrler scored 208 Victories.

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