Gunther Lutzow Wartime Signed Hoffmann Card

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OBERST GUNTHER LUTZOW - Knights Cross with Oak Leaves & Swords

Gunther 'Franzl' Lutzow was part of an old Prussian family with firm ties to the Navy. He negan his career with the 'Condor Legion' in Spain, where he attained the first ever victory scored by the Messerschmitt 109 fighter. He added four more victories to his Spanish tally. He led I/JG3 during the campaign in France and later the Battle of Britain, where he later took over as Kommodore of JG3 and received the Knights Cross.

He led JG3 during the Invasion of Russia and won the Oak Leaves after his 40th Victory. The swords followed after his 92nd kill went down in October 1941. Lutzow became only the second Luftwaffe experte to reach 100 victories - he was then promptly grounded.

After a spell as Inspector of Fighters Eastern he held a number of Staff positions, including Italy. It was as the chief instigator of the 'Fighter Pilots Mutiny' that Lutzow incurred the wrath of Hermann Goring and he was banished back to Italy. Lutzow was eventually allowed to join Galland's JV44 flying the Me262 jet and he scored two more kills with thsi aircarft. On 24 April 1945 he took off to intecpt an incoming raid of US B-26 bombers and never returned.

His final score was 110 Victories

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