Fw190D-9's of JG26 - Original Pencil Drawing by Nicolas Trudgian


FW190D-9's OF JG26 - Original Drawing

By December 1944 the Luftwaffe was being overwhelmed by the sheer might of Allied airpower. It's most numerous fighters - the Me109G and Fw190A - were both being outclassed by the newer Allied fighters - the P-51 Mustang, later versions of Spitfire and the Hawker Tempest.

In response to this situation, Kurt Tank, the designer of the Focke Wulf 190, promised an upgraded version of his famous fighter. When it was announced that the 'new' Fw190D-9 was to be powered by a Bomber engine (Junkers Jumo) the pilots were sceptical. However, when Pilots got their hands on the new 'Dora 9' or 'Long-Nose' they were quickly impressed by it's advantages. Allied Fighter pilots quickly realised that the 'Dora' was an improvement on the old version and treated the aircraft with respect.

JG26 was one of the first to re-equip with the new fighter and indeed flew some of the first operational sorties.

Nicolas Trudgian's superb drawing shows a pair of Fw190D's of JG26 taxi-ing out from their forest hide preparing for another dangerous sortie into a sky full of Allied Fighters. 

The Drawing is Framed and comes with an ORIGINAL WW2 Luftwaffe Eagle and the Signatures of THREE JG26 pilots who flew the 'Dora 9' in the final months of the war:-

Leutnant Heinrich 'Jan' SCHILD - JG26 - 13 Victories

Leutnant Hans PRAGER - JG26 - 23 Victories

Obergefreiter Werner MOLGE - JG26 - 1 Victory

The Drawing is A3 in size and the whole Framed Piece measures 24x21 Inches.

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