Friedrich Geisshardt - Wartime Signed Card

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Geisshardt served in Poland with LG2 and later during the Battle of Britain where he scored 6 victories. He later flew during the invasion of Yugoslavia and then the battle for Crete, where he shot down two Hurricanes. He went with the Unit to Russia where his score increased rapidly and he was awarded the Knights Cross. His Unit was then subsumed into JG77. The Oak Leaves came at 82 victories after which Geisshardt's I/JG77 was transferred to Comiso Sicily where he took part in the seige of Malta.

On 10th November 1942 he gained his 100th victory - a Spitfire of 601 Squadron. In December 1942 he was promoted to Gruppenkommanduer of III/JG26 flying Defence of the Reich missions against the USAAF. On 5th April 1943 Geisshardt was flying with the Stabschwarn when they attacked US B-17 on route to their target - Geisshardt was hit by return fire from the B-17 gunners - in the abdomen and, although badly wounded, he managed to nurse his Fw190A back to the airfield, where he was helped from his aircraft. Unfortunately, Geisshardt died of his wounds the following day. He scored 102 victories.

This is a VERY rare wartime Signed Verlag Card featuring a early version Bf109. Condition is Excellent.