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The legacy of the famous 4th Fighter Group is a rich one, from their beginnings, consisting of a relatively small number of adventurous American pilotswho joined the RAF before the US's entry into WW2 to be activated in September 1942 as the 'Eagle Squadrons', to that of ultimately becoming the highest scoring fighter Unit in the 8th AF. Based in Essex at Debden Airfield, the 4th FG began with Spitfires, transitioned to the bif P-47 Thunderbolt and finally the superlative P-51 Mustang. Under the brilliant leadership of Don Blakeslee, the 4th became one of the most professional and aggressive Groups in the 8th Air Force.

Great 'Aces' such as James Goodson, John Godfrey and Don Gentile flew with the 4th and the Group set a number of 'Firsts', such as being the first Mustangs to escort American bombers over Berlin and flying the long-range shuttle missions to Russia.

By the end of the war the 4th had chalked up over 1000 enemy aircraft destroyed John Shaw has depicted the P-51D Mustang of Don Blakeslee high over Germany having just shot down an Me109G.

Each Print is Signed by Artist John Shaw and:-

Colonel Don BLAKESLEE - 17 Victories

The Print measures 27 x 33 Inches and comes with a CoA.