Constant Endeavour by Michael Rondot - Remarque

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During WW2 Sunderland aircraft of Coastal Command played an outstanding part in convoy escort and anti-submarine campaigns in the Battle of the Atlantic and in other waters. RAF, Canadian, Australian and Norwegian squadrons equipped with Sunderland aircraft accounted for at least 58 enemy submarines sunk or damaged.

Michael Rondot's magnificent study features a pair of Sunderlands making a victory salute low pass over their base at Castle Archdale, N. Ireland.

The Edition is Signed by FIVE famous Coastal Command & Sunderland aircrew:-

Flight Lt. John CRUICKSHANK VC - Only one of Coastal Command's four VC winners

Squadron Leader Terry BULLOCK - Coastal Command's most successful ace - 4 sunk and 3 damaged

Flight Lt. Ted ARRIGHI - 201 Squadron - flew the final Sunderland sortie of the war

Flight Lt. John THOMPSON - 201 Squadron

Warrant Officer Ron POWERS - 201 Squadron

The Print measures 27 x 20 Inches and comes with the CoA and sales Brochure

This is a very rare REMARQUED Artist Proof with an original pencil drawing by Michael Rondot in the border.