Bear Trap by Robert Bailey

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Robert Bailey's 'Bear Trap' depicts a typical day on the Eastern Front in October 1943. The Soviets are now advancing on all fronts against a desperately stretched German Army. The Luftwaffe is constantly in demand to assist German Units threatened with vastly superior Soviet forces. Although outnumbered, the German Army and Luftwaffe are fighting a professional and courageous battle.

Near the town of Smolensk the Germans have surprised a Soviet armoured column and Panzer IV's are engaged against T-34's at close range. Above the battle the Luftwaffe have arrived and the Ju87 Stukas of SG2 commanded by the legendary Hans-Ulrich Rudel attack the column with cannon and bombs. Escorting the Ju87's are the Fw190's of JG51, who are about to engage Yak fighters that have appeared on the horizon. A wonderful detailed scene of the merciless fighting in Russia.

The Print is Signed by Artist Robert Bailey and TWO Luftwaffe veterans of the Eastern Front:-

Feldwebel Horst PETZSCHLER - JG51 - 26 Victories

Feldwebel Oscar BOESCH - JG3 - 18 Victories

The Print measures 34 x 24 Inches and is in Excellent condition