B-25B Mitchell of Jimmy Doolittle - Original Pencil Drawing by Nicolas Trudgian


B-25B MITCHELL OF JIMMY DOOLITTLE - Original Drawing by Nicolas Trudgian

The raid on Tokyo in April 1942 was a huge morale booster for the American people. After the Pearl Harbor attack - and other Japanese gains in the Pacific, James Doolittle proposed an unusual way of striking back - launch some B-25 Bombers from an aircraft carrier and strike at the heart of the Japanese Empire - Toyko!

On April 18th 1942 the raid went ahead - Doolittle's B-25 Mitchell leaving the heaving deck of the USS Hornet FIRST..he was followed by 15 more bombers which struck at the heart of Japan in an action which shocked the Japanese to the core.

Nick Trudgian's lovely drawing depicts Doolittle's B-25B as it runs by the USS Hornet - the decks still full of other B-25's awaiting take off.

The Drawing measures 9.5 x 7.5 Inches and has been Framed with the Original Pencil Signature of:-


The Fully Framed piece measures 19 x 18 Inches.

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