Avenging Strike by Robert Bailey

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On 18 April 1942, B-25's took off from the US carrier Hornet and flew to japan, where they struck at the homeland of the Japanese Imperial Empire. It was a raid that inspired headlines around the world and boosted the morale of every US citizen. These brave men, some of whom gave their lives on the mission, will forever be remembered as heroes.

EIGHT 'Doolittle Raiders' have signed each print in the Edition plus Artist Robert Bailey

2nd Lt. Richard C. COLE - Jimmy Doolittle's co-pilot in Plane #1

Captain David M. JONES - Pilot- Plane #5

2nd Lt. Richard A. KNOBLOCH - co-pilot of Plane #13

2nd Lt. James Herbert MACIA jn - Navigator/Bombardier - Plane #13

Sergeant Joseph W. MANSKE - Engineer/Gunner - Plane #5

2nd Lt. Harry C. McCOOL - Navigator - Plane #4

2nd Lt. Charles John OZUK - Navigator - Plane #3

2nd Lt. Henry A. POTTER - Navigator on Jimmy Doolittle's Plane #1

The Print measures 26 x 21 Inches.

This is now an increasingly rare print to obtain.