A Welcome Sight

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A peaceful corner of eastern England is temporarily awakended from its summer slumbers by the thunder of merlin engines, the familiar sound of the safe return of a squadron of Lancasters from their latest operation. With wheels already down, the pilots throttle back the huge engines as the heavies make their final approach to the airfield nearby. Below them, quiet will soon return return to the countryside and on base, after debrief, the weary bomber crews will take a well-earned rest. They don't expect it to last long: they could be flying again tonight.

The Edition is Signed by TWO highly respected Lancaster aircrew:-

Wing Commander Jim WRIGHT DFC - 97 (Pathfinder) Squadron - 38 Ops

Warrant Officer Jack WATSON DFM - 156 (Pathfinder) Squadron - 77 Ops

The Print measures 21x18 Inches and comes with the CoA and Sales Brochure.