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Welcome to 'Nick's Aviation Art' a website dedicated to the work of the talented Aviation Artist Nicolas Trudgian! My name is Nick Maue and I have been Nick Trudgian's researcher for many years - I am also an avid collector of his work, especially his Remarques, original Drawings and Oil Paintings. My aim is to offer to collectors the very best selection of Trudgian Prints and Original artwork.

In addition I also have many Aviation autographs and Wartime signed items for Sale across the site, including signed photos, letters and Postal Covers. In addition I will also list for sale Wartime Signed Hoffmann & Verlag-Rohr Cards - I hope you enjoy your visit!

About Me

'Nick's Aviation Art' was begun in 2007 by Nick Maue to offer a wide range of Nicolas Trudgian Artwork to collectors. Although known primarily for his aviation paintings, Nick Trudgian also specialises in Tanks and Trains and has many collectors of these subjects also. Both 'Nicks' regularly meet up to chat about new projects, discuss research and create new commissions for collectors. Nick Maue owns a very impressive collection of Nick Trudgian's work - but is always on the look out for more!!

Buying Collections

I am always looking for new acquisitions - Prints, Drawings, Signed photos, wartime signed pieces etc. If you have a collection that you wish to sell, drop me an email with details - I am always happy to consider! 

Commissioning Original Drawings or Oil Paintings

All Commissions handled by 'Nick's Aviation Art' are researched to ensure historical accuracy and are designed by the Artist to meet the aspiration of each customer. If there is a particular aircraft or subject - Steam Trains or Tanks - that you would like a drawing or painting of specifically to your requirements, please feel free to contact me and discuss. Nick now has regular collectors who commission Trains and Tank drawings, as well as some of the rarer aircraft from World War One and Two. If you would like to discuss this please contact me via Maue12@virginmedia.com




'STUKA' The Ju87G of Hans-Ulrich Rudel' by Nicolas Trudgian 



If you have any queries please contact me directly via maue12@virginmedia.com